there is some news. Let me introduce the project “Krimi 2.0” to you.

In February 2010 Michael Jaeger started his new project “Krimi 2.0. We design the thriller as we like it.” His aim was to show that the internet is a place of creativity and a lot of opportunities. He wanted to show that Online-Casting is an easy thing. And that even actors in Germany have to get used to it.

At the end of the project there will be a 90 minutes movie, a thriller.

He wanted to create something different, something completely new. His idea was to get the internet users involved in the project by making them vote. So it would not be possible that the audience says we didn’t like that movie.  It has all been their choice, they voted for the movie theme, the main cast, etc.

All of the staff and cast work for free. Every cent that’s earned will be donated.  And it’s also the choice of the internet user who will get the money.

That’s what the project briefly is about.

More information can be found (only in German language):


Now I need your guys’ support!

On Monday, July 26th  2010 the voting for the main cast starts. There are eight main characters. Three of them are already been casted because on each of the three only one actor applied as demanded.

For the other five characters there will be a voting. The person who gets the most votes will be casted.

I applied for one of the leading parts. Prof. Dr. Andreas Heldt, a genius scientist but unworldly.  By accident he makes an innovative discovery that is very dangerous for him.

Why did I apply for this character?

First of all I liked the idea of “Krimi2.0” right from the beginning. As I read the description of the character, I thought, well a handicapped scientist is pretty realistic. They can be found in the real world. Why not in a movie, too? In one of the comments at Facebook a user talked about Stephen Hawking and said that he is also a handicapped scientist. Furthermore I like to play an unworldly character.

It’s not easy for me being casted as a handicapped actor. Most of the Casters, Producers and Directors in Germany cannot imagine casting me the handicapped actor for a character that doesn’t have to be necessarily handicapped.

But on this project the internet user has the choice which actor is casted.  I want to play that character at all costs because I want to show that a handicapped actor in the main cast is able to carry the movie through 90 minutes. In this case my handicap is not really a handicap. I have the chance to give the character a new facet.

My video application can be found here:


(First part: Introducing myself, second part: me playing Andreas Heldt)

Here you can find all the actors playing their characters


If you liked what you have seen vote for me, as I told you votes will be open from Monday. You need to register to vote because they tried to manipulate the polls in the past.

Here you can register:


The polls will be open from Monday, July 26th 1pm to Friday, August 13th 1pm (German time zone)

Every registered person will have one vote per character every 24 hours. So you can vote for me 18 times maximum.

Keep in mind, there are two other actors who want to play the character of Andreas Heldt. So, I depend on every single vote I get from you guys.  You can also tell your family and friend to vote for me.

If you have any questions concerning the project, please let me know.


John Patrick Garth