Unfortunately people tried to manipulate the voting on Krimi 2.0. During the last days of voting you will be only allowed to vote if you fill in your first and last name in the profile till Sunday. The boxes “Vorname” (first name) and “Nachname” (last name) have to be filled in correctly. If not the profiles will be erased and the already given votes will be taken away. I depend on these votes. So please fill in your profile if you haven’t already done it.

Now the voting has started. You can vote for me till 8/13. Every 24 hours you can vote again. So you have a maximum of 18 votes per character if you vote every day. Remember to register. Otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

How to vote:

First register:


After you registered, you get your password via e-mail.

Then you can log in here:


If you like you can change the password after you logged in.

In the upper left corner click on Krimi 2.0

You are redirected to the Krimi 2.0 website.  There you click on the votings button to vote for me playing the character of Andreas Heldt. You can also pick your favorite actors playing one of the other characters and vote for them as well.

You can vote every 24 hours. That way you can give the maximum of 18 votes to me.

If you tell your family and friends I get even more votes 🙂